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Practice #3

Thinking and Mousetraps -Dec 17, 2013

Reading time: 26 seconds

It's All About Thinking

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Uncommon -Dec 06, 2013

Reading time: 38 seconds

Can you be so uncommon?

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Who’s Listening? -Nov 05, 2013

Reading time: 38 seconds

It isn't about your brilliant solutions

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Wisdom -Jun 11, 2013

Reading time: 39 seconds

Sometimes the accusations are chin scratchers.

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Good Living -Apr 09, 2013

Reading time: 31 seconds

Good Living - It's important

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That Load On Your Shoulders -Feb 26, 2013

Reading time: 38 seconds

The extra load on your shoulders might be removable.

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Discrimination Threshold -Feb 08, 2013

Reading time: 38 seconds

Did you notice that things have changed?

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International We Care – No, Really -Oct 28, 2011

Reading time: 33 seconds

Putting people on hold

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