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The iPhone Affair -Oct 20, 2015

Reading time: longer than 39 seconds - and worth it!

Perched on the tip of the baggage conveyor

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Great Leadership -Sep 29, 2015

Reading time: 31 seconds

Great Leadership Makes All The Difference

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If I Agreed With You -Sep 08, 2015

Reading time: 19 seconds

What about those other ideas?

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It’s In the Visuals -Jul 08, 2015

Reading time: 39 seconds

NOW I see!

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Leadership and Pants -Jun 10, 2015

Reading time: 37 seconds

The leader always models behavior - down to the pants!

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Huh? -May 19, 2015

Reading time: 33 seconds

While you're checking them out, they're checking you out.

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What’s The Point? -Apr 28, 2015

Reading time: 29 seconds

It's about the INTRINSIC WIIFM.

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ENGAGEMENT -Apr 07, 2015

Reading time: 29 seconds

How about an ENGAGEMENT?

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S’no Leadership -Feb 18, 2015

Reading time: 38 seconds

Snow? Really?

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Following You -Jan 27, 2015

Reading time: 39 seconds

They'll Do What You'd Do

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