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Leading in Uncertain Times

Success in leadership is all about drawing out the best – the A-Game – from those who look to you for leadership. That is all about engagement and that’s especially important in this age of new and expanded uncertainty that has both leaders and employees looking for direction.

That uncertainty can lead us to hunker down, play it safe and hope the threat goes away.  That simply doesn’t work, though, and techniques that brought success in the past may not work in this new reality.  The solution lies in finding new ways to lead so that your people are engaged and motivated to bring their A-Game.

Leading In Uncertain Times shows how to influence others to be fully engaged so that you achieve success in these uncertain times.  Those who look to you for leadership are looking for your best and Leading In Uncertain Times will show you how to deliver.

Value to attendees:

  • Learning to deal with the baseline of fear that pervades workplaces due to continuing uncertainty
  • Find out how to overpower fear and draw out people’s best – their A-Game
  • Create clear, compelling leadership actions for ongoing performance improvement

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