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With 25 years of hands-on executive experience as CEO of the commercial and industrial water treatment company I founded, I now use every bit of what I learned there in presenting keynote speeches , as well as in delivering leadership workshops. Association events, conventions and any venue where leadership excellence and professional development are the focus are just some of the venues for these presentations.

As 6-year board member and past president of the Association of Water Technologies, I was deeply involved in its membership quadrupling and the association becoming the recognized leading technical organization in the industry.

LGL Leadership is where I am privileged to be a faculty member for top executives from diverse industries. These CEO’s meet quarterly to focus on their development as the greatest leaders they can be. That allows them to influence their people to be fully engaged and tackle the challenges and opportunities they face. The facilitation and instruction I deliver is supported by my years of leadership expertise and behavioral study.

Please contact me if you think your company or association might benefit from a Fully Alive Leadership© presentation or workshop and find out what that can mean to you.

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Fully Alive Leadership

Fully Alive Leadership© is all about how we show up with others and how they are impacted so that they want to give their best – their A-Game. And the principles of Fully Alive Leadership© apply in every venue of our lives – at work, at home, with friends – everywhere. That’s because leadership is about how we “be” with one another.

Fully Alive Leadership© is easily accessible so you can put it to work right now.

Sure, making the best decisions and getting the right people on the team are important elements of your role. At root, though, leadership requires followership, which means that the quality of your leadership and the results you get are a function of how you affect others.

And that is what Fully Alive Leadership© is all about.

When you want a leadership workshop that will help you to get your people to give their A-game so that you really succeed, contact us here. Find out what Fully Alive Leadership© can do to help you get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

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