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Full Alive Leadership

Success in leadership is all about drawing out the best – the A-Game – from those who look to us for leadership. Another way to say that is that the greatest leadership draws out the greatest followership. That determines whether people are fully engaged, giving their best. And in this age of expanded uncertainty, the demand for us to be the best leaders we can be is as critical as it has ever been if you are to

“Get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want”

Fully Alive Leadership© keynotes and workshops are focused on creating success.  In this highly interactive environment, we create actionable buzz for associations, businesses and everywhere people want powerful content that drives success.

Here is the heart of Fully Alive Leadership©

At root, the quality of anyone’s leadership and the results they get are a function of how they affect others.  Indeed, the Towers-Watson organization does a Global Workforce Study every year and they have consistently found that, “The number one driver of employee engagement is the belief that senior [leadership] is sincerely interested in employee well being.”*  That is to say, followers get the message through a leader’s actions that they care and that is the most powerful driver of engagement.  At Fully Alive Leadership© we show you how to make that work to create success.

Each keynote and workshop attendee leaves with:

  • Clarity about the Ten Fully Alive Leadership Practices© that influence others to give their A-Game
  • New insight into Stuff That Gets In Our Way© and how to eliminate it
  • Laser focus on what is important and the creating of commitment to specific actions to create success

You need Fully Alive Leadership© when you want a keynote or leadership workshop that will help you get five stars from your clients, or to get your own people to give their A-Game.

Click here for a program description:  Fully Alive Leadership Program


* Towers-Perrin Global Workforce Study, 2009

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