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What People Are Saying

Here just a few of the lovely testimonials from our clients:

How About 10Fold Better!

Praise From Napoleon SecureIT Tactical Knows Safe Choices Magliner Plan for Better Strategic Facilitation with Dataquest Integrys Leadership Development


At the completion of each Fully Alive Leadership© workshop and keynote, attendees always come to Jack with comments about what our session has meant to them.  Here’s a collection of a few of these heartfelt comments from our wonderful attendees in their words – some are in video, too.  Just click more beneath any entry for their comments.  They will give you an idea of the take-home value of Fully Alive Leadership© keynotes and workshops.

And when it’s time to create full engagement – to influence others to give their A-game – just contact us and we’ll explore the possibilities together.


A few years ago I stopped at a nearby FedEx depot to ship some packages. It was a warm summer evening and all the truck bay doors were open, so I coul...


The Blank Pages

If you’ve gazed down the road you likely noticed that the landscape looks different and specifics just aren’t too clear. Given that huge &...


We Need Your Ideas and So Do You

Reading time – 39 seconds; Viewing time – 1:44  .  .  . We humans are odd critters in many ways. One of them is that we’re uncomf...



Reading time – 38 seconds; Viewing time – 1:41  .  .  . Delivering a series of executive workshops in Southern California recently gave...


What Do You Do When “It” Happens?

Reading time – 39 seconds – plus a smidgen; Viewing time – 2:07  .  .  . I scored a fresh travel horror story recently, but this ...



Reading time – 1:33 seconds (oops); Viewing time – 2:38  .  .  . Recently a friend enthusiastically recommended a line of products to m...


Jason Lovelady, President, Carpenter’s Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.

“I loved the mix of stories, audio and video.” “Jack is the bottle opener to the common sense that you have bottled up inside.”...


Brenda Yuzdepski, CEO, Medical Arts Pharmacy

“What If The Answers Are Already There? workshop was an excellent way to understand that the world is changing – no matter what happens th...


Michael Ralston, President, Iowa Association of Business and Industry

I want to offer my personal thanks and gratitude for your support of the 109th Annual Iowa Association of Business and Industry Convention, “Iow...


Joe Koehling, COO, Fixture Resource Group

“[This is] thought provoking, yet also incredibly straightforward content.  There are many things that I can immediately take and apply to my b...