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Sales Engagement: Every Day, Every Minute

It’s critical that your sales people are fully engaged, because your customers won’t settle for less.

That’s especially true when they engage directly with your customers and prospective new customers.  Studies show that people have decreasing attention spans, which means that the time you have to exchange information with customers is limited to less than what is needed to do a thorough job.  That’s compounded by the short time available to connect and begin the relationship that is required for a successful sales outcome.  Actually, it’s even more challenging than that.

Your people have less than a second to make a good first impression.  That dynamic is encoded into us through thousands of years of human existence and customers make that first impression before they even have a conscious thought about whether they want to engage with your sales people.  So, your people must show up in ways that immediately invite customers to engage with them.

That is where Every Day, Every Minute makes the critical difference.

Studies show that we make decisions emotionally and justify them rationally, which is why Every Day, Every Minute focuses on how your people show up with your customers.  They need to do whatever they can to help your customers to make that split-second emotional decision to connect and engage.  In this program your people will learn how they can have dramatic influence on driving the sales process to a successful completion.

That’s the focus of Every Day, Every Minute

In this workshop, attendees will:

  • Become clear about their need to always be ready to make the best first impression
  • Identify what creates an effective sales relationship
  • Commit to measurable actions they will take daily to create success

Every Day, Every MinuteBecause you don’t get a second chance.

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