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Keeping the Best – v3.0

What if 79% of workers are looking for a new job this year?

Keeping The Best – v3.0 is the newest, most up-to-date material focused on aiding employers to keep their best performers and attract more. v-3.0 has been newly overhauled, because everything regarding retention and hiring has changed.

Consider the confluence of these three points:

  1. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics there were over 40,000,000 voluntary quits from U.S. businesses last year.
  2. This is a full employment economy and that makes finding great people to fill job openings quite difficult.
  3. There are consistently over 7 million jobs going unfilled, so employers are poaching workers from other companies.

And they aren’t poaching the poor performers; they’re going after the best people.

So, what does that mean for you?

Seen from the other side, employers are at risk of losing their best people to talent competitors, so their question is, “How can I keep my best people?” That’s the question that Keeping The Best – v3.0 answers. And, no, throwing more money at them probably won’t help. This is a live issue for many employers.

So, how will you keep your high performers and how will you keep them motivated?

That’s a challenge of our time, regardless of how well your business is performing and it is the focus of Keeping The Best v3.0.

Your high performers won’t stay any longer than necessary if they can’t get the leadership they need, so great leadership is the key to keeping those great people, and it’s the way to keep them motivated.

The surprising thing is how actionable Keeping The Best v-3.0 principles are for leaders.  These are powerful leadership tools for keeping your best people and to influence them to give their best.

In this keynote or workshop, attendees will:

  • Learn how to drive the engagement of high performers so they give their best
  • Learn the key drivers of voluntary quits and what employers can do to delay or prevent them
  • 10 ways to encourage high performers to stay longer and give their best

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