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Michael Ralston, President, Iowa Association of Business and Industry

Mike_RalstonI want to offer my personal thanks and gratitude for your support of the 109th Annual Iowa Association of Business and Industry Convention, “Iowa’s Taking Care of Business Conference.”

These are challenging times and systems and loyalties, competition and opportunities all are in a rapid state of change.  We asked you to help our members to find ways to survive and thrive in the face of all that uncertainty, making our challenge to you no small task.  And you hit the ball out of the park with your Keeping The Best presentation.

All of our association members know that they have to hold on to their best, most valued employees and doing so is critical to their success.  You showed them in clear terms and in entertaining ways the powerful and actionable things they can do as leaders.  This is about great leadership that makes it so that their best people wouldn’t want to be anywhere else and so that they want to give their very best.  That will translate into enhanced success for our members, which directly supports the mission of our association.  You should know that some of the most positive, most enthusiastic feedback we received from members following the convention was for your program.

You were a perfect program fit with our other speakers, like Jim Collins.  Thanks again for your support of ABI.

Michael Ralston, President
Iowa Association of Business and Industry
Des Moines, IA

Download the PDF here: Iowa ABI Appreciation

Iowa ABI

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