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Information glut.  Data overload.  We’re all dealing with it and prying the valuable material from the rest is a challenge.  That’s especially true with our schedules packed tighter than ever.  Given all the time saving devices we have, it makes me wonder what we did with all the time we saved.  And after asking at so many workshops I’ve conducted, I still have not found anyone looking for more to do.

So, here’s a quick-hit opportunity for you.

I’ve been asked to co-present at a Greater ChicagoLand Chamber of Commerce webinar focused on leadership on June 16 at noon CDT.  The opportunity is that you’re invited.  You can click here to register.

I’ll lead off with 10 minutes on how to energize your people to give their “A-Game.”  If you’ve attended one of my workshops or keynotes you know that your success is intricately linked to the people who look to you for leadership and to them giving all their discretionary effort.

Dan Arriola will then focus on practical insights on the differences between leading contract and hourly workers.

Are you a woman and do you know any women in a leadership position?  Col. Jill Morgenthal (U.S. Army, Ret. and Homeland Security Advisor) will discuss the challenges that women leaders face.  She knows quite a bit about that, especially the issue of women leading men.  If you’re not a woman, trust me that you don’t get it, so this is valuable stuff.

Finally, Jerry Carducci will talk about Gen-Y’s – 20-somethings – as they move into leadership, as well as the challenges of leading a virtual team.  We as business leaders haven’t broken the code on how to be excellent at remote leadership, so this should help to move that ball down the field.

The entire event will be hosted by Bill Moller of WGN radio.  If you have heard him on the radio you know how adept he is at asking just the right questions to drive value.  And you’ll be able to ask your questions so the discussion focuses on what’s most valuable to you.

Join us June 16 at noon CDT by clicking here.

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