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Dennis Jones, Vice-President, The Kupferle Foundry Company

“When you were here in St. Louis as the speaker, you mentioned Captiva Island – renting a house – walking the beach – time to think – etc.  Well my wife and I booked a place there, went for 8 days over Memorial Day weekend and oh how you were ever right.  I had time to think, reflect, read and pray.  I spent one whole day on the beach under an umbrella with a note pad . . . what a day it was.  Wanted you to know the impact you made not only in my professional life by taking this time and dreaming of how I can influence others to give their A-game (it really does work), but also the time my wife and I needed to ‘get away’ – it had been 25 years since we really ‘got away’. Thanks so much.”

Dennis Jones, Vice-President
The Kupferle Foundry Company
St. Louis, MO

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