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What People Are Saying

Here just a few of the lovely testimonials from our clients:

How About 10Fold Better!

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At the completion of each Fully Alive Leadership© workshop and keynote, attendees always come to Jack with comments about what our session has meant to them.  Here’s a collection of a few of these heartfelt comments from our wonderful attendees in their words – some are in video, too.  Just click more beneath any entry for their comments.  They will give you an idea of the take-home value of Fully Alive Leadership© keynotes and workshops.

And when it’s time to create full engagement – to influence others to give their A-game – just contact us and we’ll explore the possibilities together.

Patrick Curry, President, Fullerton Tool Company

“Jack’s workshop makes you really think about living in the moment of leadership. “My most powerful take-away [is to] deal with conf...


Greta Schuil, President, Schuil Coffee Company

“This was really inspiring; it’s tough stuff to deal with consistently in business, so the inspiration is appreciated.” Greta Schuil...


Elizabeth Satz, Director of Operations, Network International

“This workshop came at the most critical point in my life, both professionally and personally, as I have been really struggling with obstacles [...


Dan Yinger, President, Capital Resin Corporation

“Great baseline analysis to establish and gain an instinctual foundation on human dynamics. “Your talk was ‘spot on’ and has p...


Bill Goodwin, President, Neutron Industries, Inc.

“Jack’s presentation was exceptional.  Anyone who is in a leadership role can benefit from his easily implementable ideas to become a ful...


Cindy Mitchell, CEO, Guardian-IPCO, Inc.

“The information presented is useful for any type of industry and is very timely for today’s workforce. “My most powerful take away ...


Dean Keating, President, KVA Dynamo, Inc.

“This leadership workshop came to me at just the right time in my career.  A time when I realized I am managing, not leading.  Thanks for the ...


Chris Kennedy, Periscope Holdings, Inc.

“Jack does a great job of generating thoughts that are business-focused but affect your whole life.  As a matter of fact, my business action it...


James Kirk, Sweatman Insurance and Retirement Services

“Jack is an insightful leadership speaker and a great leader. I will use his ideas to improve both my business and non-business life. “My ...


Heather Holterman, Time Warner Cable

“This motivational workshop spoke to me in so many ways, both personally and professionally. My ‘I Can’t’ story really hit me....