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May 30, 2012 | Post by: regangossett 1 Comments

Q. & A. for Leaders

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Q. What is relentless and produces great results?
A. Great leadership

Maybe you were thinking that if you just get everyone on your team to read the current blockbuster business book, that would make all the difference.  You’d get everyone in the conference room or maybe at an off-site and you’d discuss the book, chapter by chapter.  Everyone would participate in the conversation, they would see the wisdom and your success would be assured.

Except it doesn’t happen that way.

Not everyone reads the book.  Some are unmoved by the message.  Many just indulge the boss and bide their time until they can go back to their desks.  And nothing changes.

Here’s the deal: It isn’t about a book or the theory-du-jour.  It’s about you and how you show up with your people today, tomorrow and all the tomorrows.  There is a screaming need for great leadership and regardless of how well your shop is doing, you can do better.  Indeed, the cry from everyone is that you do just that.  Yes, you, because you’re the leader.

I just returned from Texas after a follow up workshop with a company I worked with last year.  The leader had wanted his people to be more strategic, to think at a higher level, so I had custom tailored a workshop to start that process.  The goal at that kickoff meeting was not to suddenly switch everyone’s thinking.  I would not have been able to do that even with fresh double-A’s in my magic wand.  What was achievable was to open the door to new thinking, to clear the fog so that a more valuable horizon could be seen.

At the follow up meeting last week I learned that over the intervening months things had changed dramatically and why that had happened.  It was because the members of the leadership team were speaking a new language and were having a strategic conversation.  That wasn’t because I had waved my magic wand over their heads last year.  That session had begun the journey.  The real credit goes to the leader who, since our kick-off meeting, has consistently led his people to a higher level thinking and that has driven the greatest success in the company’s history.

Success is fun and I recommend it to you.  If you want more of it, be a better leader.  Just understand that the journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step and you have to take it.  Are you ready?

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