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Aug 07, 2012 | Post by: regangossett 1 Comments

A 3-Minute Engagement Driver

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Steve Yastrow knows a thing or two about marketing and he knows a thing or two about relationships, too, specifically the buyer-seller relationship.  In his regular blog he offers common sense, actionable things to enhance success.

Interestingly, his ideas work in the arena of employee engagement just as well.  That’s because a large driver of employee engagement is the relationship of the leader and follower.  Yes, it’s great that you’re smart and have great ideas.  That masterfully crafted vision statement that lies within the standard corporate picture frame and hangs on the walls of your shop may be exciting and motivating.  However, nothing comes close to the power of the “I care about you” message from leader to follower for driving employee engagement.  Studies by Towers-Watson, Gallup and others have confirmed that over and over.

So, if relationship selling is where it’s at, relationship leading is where it’s at, too.  Take a listen to Steve’s 3-minute audio about preparing for a sales call.  Then imagine how you can apply his ideas to your leadership.

Did I mention that the audio is a freebie?  Thanks, Steve!

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