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Black-and-White and Gray and Conflict

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Some of us are black-and-white people.  We like things orderly.  There is a right way and a wrong way for everything.  Loosey-goosey means sloppy.  We like structure.

Some of us are gray people.  There are nuances to everything and we frequently utter some form of “Yes, but.”  We don’t like structure because it’s too confining.

Are both types of people welcome in your shop?  They better be, because without people creating structure, nobody knows how anything gets done and success is problematic.  And without those gray types, creativity will be stifled and the world will pass you by.

Your job is to help your people deal with the conflicts that inevitably arise when black-and-white types and gray types are in close proximity to one another.  Indeed, achieving your goals is tied to your ability to do just that.

There are some simple rules you can follow that will be of enormous help in dealing with conflict.  Start with this:  Stay focused on the goal.

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