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Aug 19, 2013 | Post by: regangossett 1 Comments

Boomer Blog – Part 1

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I was having breakfast with Jean this morning and our conversation landed on a critical piece for Boomers.  First, a little biology about brain wiring.

  • Whatever you do repeatedly creates a neural network in your brain and crafts a habit, whether it is the route you drive to work or how you deal with those who look to you for leadership.
  • Your brain is lazy and likes to take the well-worn path.  That makes habits hard to break.  If you doubt that, ask a smoker or former smoker what happens after every meal or when they have a drink or a cup of coffee.  They are reaching for their cigarettes without even thinking about it.
  • New habits are hard to create because there is no path to follow and your brain resists doing hard work.  The problem with that is that all growth depends on creating new habits.

Lack of growth leads to that feeling of staleness, a mind-numbing same-same that sucks the energy and creativity right out of you.  It is what keeps you from achieving the things you say are so important to you.  And, if you’re a Baby Boomer, you’re looking at what used to be called retirement age and wondering what it will look like.  Will it be just a slow decline in vitality?

Key message:  Stop looking at retirement.  It’s time to kick yourself into gear and wire new paths in your brain.  It is time to refresh yourself.  It is time to use all the knowledge and wisdom accumulated over decades of doing, achieving and learning and put it all to work in new ways.

Here’s a teaser for the next blog: Boomers taught the world to wear blue jeans and we found new ways for nearly everything.  The world needs you to do your part again, because you have something important to give and you’re too important to put yourself on the shelf.  Tune in next time – because you’re worth it.

Thanks, Jean.

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