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Boomer Blog – Part 2

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Note: If you haven’t read Boomer Blog – Chapter 1, have a look at it and then come back here.

It is so hard to do “new”.  Try learning a foreign language or a new musical instrument or a complicated computer app that is supposed to save you so much time, but instead it is taking you forever to master the doggone thing.

When you’re learning or creating something new do you find yourself avoiding the task?  Do you find you can only do a little at a time and then you get tired?  Maybe you find things to distract you, like obsessively checking email or suddenly realizing that it is hugely important to walk the dog right now?  That is your brain telling you that it doesn’t like the hard work of learning and it gets tired rapidly and wants to avoid the tough stuff.

No, it’s not that you’re lazy.  It’s just that you are human and that is how human brains work.  It will take your conscious effort to overpower your lazy brain and keep on your learning path if you are to revitalize yourself.

And that is the point: To revitalize yourself.  Call it “reinventing” if that word serves you.  Regardless of the name you give it, what we used to say was true then and it is still true now:

Use it or lose it.

Right now it’s all about your “not-20-years-old-anymore” brain.

So, while the clumsiness of learning and applying something new may feel like going backward in your abilities and expertise, it is actually a falling forward.  It will revitalize you in ways you can’t even imagine right now.  And you must do that if you are to plant the seeds for your gift.

Next blog: What you’re going to do with all that hard won learning.

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