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Customer From Hell

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No need to ‘fess up publicly, but have you ever been the customer from hell? Regardless of your answer, you’ve likely had to deal with the customer from hell and, because doing so is such an emotionally charged event, it’s possible that things didn’t go well. Now, though, there’s good (as in: actionable) news.

Dan Rust has posted a blog focused on dealing with the customer from hell. Before I share the link, though, I want to make it clear that this is about internal customers as well as your external, paying-the-bills customers. In fact, this is about how you deal with everyone, especially while in your role as leader. Remember that a major tenet of Human Being 101 is “see leader, emulate leader.” If you behave badly or counter-productively or in a reactionary way (knee jerk), your people will take their queues from you and will probably make a mess everywhere. But if you handle things well, you’ll be training your people to do the same because of your very visible behavior and organization results will improve.

So, read Dan Rust’s post. How To Hug Your Customer From Hell. Give yourself on a 1 – 10 score for how well you would handle his example scenario. If you aren’t consistently 8.5 or better, you’ll want to make some adjustments and perhaps get some training for yourself.

Continuous improvement: it’s what great leaders do.

Many thanks to JP for directing me to Rust’s post.

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