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May 22, 2010 | Post by: regangossett 2 Comments

Deal With Reality

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For those who look to you for leadership, there are many reasons to be afraid, starting with their jobs.  Those who have lost theirs are afraid beyond the humiliation of not being able to care for their families and themselves; they are afraid for their survival, as they see their way of life slipping away.  Many of those who still have jobs see that happening and are worried that they will be next, even if your shop is buzzing with activity.

And here’s the paradox: These times demand everyone’s very best, yet it is enormously difficult for us to be at our best when fear is just below the surface.  That’s because it is so very distracting and can even be paralyzing.  It’s time to deal with reality.  What are you doing to help your people to be at their best?

Here is a six-pack of actions:

  • Talk straight to them.  Tell the truth.  Don’t treat them like children.
  • Check in with them to see how they’re doing.
  • Be with them when you’re with them – this is a “No Multitasking Zone.”
  • Find creative ways to utilize their talents so they can feel the satisfaction of accomplishment and contribution.
  • Set the bar high.  Let them know you believe in them and that’s why you’re insisting on their best.
  • Stop waiting for yesterday to return and find the new way forward so that everyone succeeds.  “Reinvention” is the old buzzword for that. The difference is that now it isn’t optional.

These steps are all about your leadership and in all things the leader must go first.  Those who look to you for leadership are watching.  Go ahead.  Take the first step.

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