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I met Gary Klaben about 15 years ago.  He is the president at Coyle Financial in Glenview, IL specializing in family wealth issues.  What made the greatest impression on me at that first meeting was his obvious commitment to delivering personalized value for his clients.  He didn’t wave his flag or deliver thinly veiled self-promotion; he just showed me what he does for clients.

There is a certain generosity embedded in that.  The old adage that what goes around comes around is still true, and Gary is quite successful, but that is not where he focuses.  His aim is on giving.

So, when he invited me to a book writing workshop, I took note.  Having been asked for a companion book to my workshops many times (“Is there a Fully Alive Leadership book I can buy?”), I made the commitment to get my book published this summer.  In fact, I am in the midst of writing Fully Alive Leadership right now, so Gary’s workshop was timely and I registered right away.

The key piece of his program, the greatest value take-away for me once again was Gary’s generosity.  He is enthusiastic about his process and is simply sharing value with others, just giving of himself so that others might benefit.  He didn’t charge money for his workshop, although it would have been worth a bundle.  He didn’t ask for referrals, although he could have.  He just gave with no expectation of getting something out of it.

So, kudos to you, Gary, for modeling great leadership.

But what if your name is not Gary Klaben?  Simple: Think about how you can act with generosity to deliver value in order to benefit others.  Then demonstrate your great leadership by giving your gift.

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