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It was an amazing ride for nearly 11 years, facilitating CEO roundtables under the TEC and Vistage banners.  Some truly transformational things happened over those years, mostly around making major decisions that had significant impact on many people.  I was blessed to be a “leader of leaders” and the bonds we formed were powerful.  Indeed, they were so powerful that many of the people in one of my groups continue to meet and I am privileged to sit at that table, now simply as a member of the group, rather than as group chairman.

A key reason that so many good decisions were made is that we poked at issues at a level that was way beneath the surface.  For example, when an issue of an under-performing employee was brought to the group, a standard question would be around the CEO’s part in the employee’s poor performance.  How was the leader making things worse instead of better?  We challenged the CEO to step up in his/her leadership, to be the best leader they could be.  That both encouraged group members to be their best and perform at a higher level, as well as created powerful bonds among members.

All of my former members are now in a new state of transition, and business author and regular contributor to Inc Magazine, Bo Burlingham, interviewed each of us recently and sat in on one of our meetings.  The result of his poking at us can be seen here in an article in the November issue of the magazine.  Have a look and you’ll get an idea of what best leadership can create.

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