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It’s In the Visuals

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Somewhere north of 70% of us are primarily visual learners: i.e. we learn best by seeing stuff. Cue Visual Communication.

While these idea captures are quite entertaining and eye catching, they are far more than entertainment pieces. They are powerful communication tools. So, what exactly does that mean to you? After all, you’re a leader, not the Artist-In-Chief.

I met Nancy Brown McCauley, a self-described “visual practitioner,” on recommendation of a mutual acquaintance and we did a Starbucks meet-up. She shared her story about what led her to visual communication work and it is a classic case of “follow your passion.” What is beautiful about doing that is captured well by the saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” For example, I work hard at public speaking but it’s never hard work because I love it. I hope you can say something similar for yourself. Back to Nancy.

In preparation for our Starbucks meet-up she had a look at the Fully Alive Leadership website and viewed the opening video on the right side of the home page. As she watched it she did the visual communication graphic that leads this blog. Go ahead – click on the graphic, print the page and then follow along with the video. See how the visual communication makes the information pop?

“So what?” you say. Here’s the “so what.”

Communication is really hard to do well. Given the opening statistic that 70% of us are primarily visual learners, what are you doing to visually communicate with your people in order to help them to understand and to be inspired? Do you care enough to do that? They want you to care enough to inspire them. Just go to this page, scroll down to the Are You Sure You’re Not a Bad Boss? PDF, download it and take a look at the number one “Bad Boss” trait. Then go visual for your people. They’ll love your enthusiasm and appreciate your clarity.

A bazillion thanks to Nancy for her terrific offering to Fully Alive Leadership. And if you’d like to talk with her, you can do that through her website

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