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You Say You Want a Revolution

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My pal John Howman is one of those people who has both fine insight and the ability to deliver clear, straight talk without the “load.”  That makes him a high value business consultant who is easy to listen to.  He’s done it again with his most recent blog post, The Next Killer App — Revolution.

He’s probably right.

This New Normal – revolution – has yet to gel and may not feel solid for quite a long time.  We may even find that the New Normal is a state of constantly shifting tectonic plates.  That has many implications for you, as you ponder creating success.  That’s part of your job as the leader – creating success – and surely that will involve change.  The leaves you with two questions:

1. Do you want a revolution?
2. Where will it come from?

If your answer is that you don’t want revolution but instead you want evolution, consider what that will mean to you.  Can you really be proactive and guide your own ship that way, or will you be left to bob in the ocean, hoping for a pleasant landing?  Refer to Blue Ocean Strategy for more on that.

If your answer is that you’re willing to deal with the profound discomfort of change that accompanies revolution, then the second question is relevant.  Your answer may lie with your younger people who still have the ability to see things in ways that you no longer are able because of the “certainties” we tend to adopt as we get older.  They limit our vision.

Have you asked your people what they think?  They want you to do that.  They want you to be interested in their ideas of how to make things better  And you need to hear what they have to say if you are to create success in the future.

Listening: It’s what great leaders do.

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