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Feb 18, 2020 | Post by: Jack Altschuler 1 Comments

Inspiration – v7.1

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In the last post I showed how important it is for leaders to show up with energy and enthusiasm if their reports are to self-select to give their best and I promised an example. Here’s a musical model.

The professional chorus had been losing singers and all were dispirited. The director was a humorless fellow who displayed no enthusiasm for what he and the chorus were doing and the singers mirrored that because that’s how leadership and followership work. At last the director was removed and a new director was hired. That’s when things turned around.

The new director is full of enthusiasm and energy for the people and the music. He brings new, exciting music to the performers and keeps practices focused and moving swiftly. He provides context for each piece and his excitement for what they’re doing. In short, he’s full of energy and enthusiasm that results in inspiration in the singers. Indeed, 13 long time performers who had left the chorus are now back and very happy to be there.

Your people want you to inspire them. It’s really important to them. And it turns out that your energy and enthusiasm are what it takes for them to be inspired.

Go ahead – try it. I think you’ll like what happens.


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One Comment to Inspiration – v7.1

  1. Jim Altschuler
    February 18, 2020 4:50 pm

    It works! Years ago I took on a dragging, dispirited group at a new place of employment. I sat with my new group, asked each their education, work experirnce and their goals. Some mumbled their responses. I had to drag responses out of a couple of them. Then i shared my enthusiastic view of “our future” with energy and enthusiasm. With occasional reinforcement and public praise as often as possible and for those deserving members.

    Simply, it worked. Within 6 months I had a “gung-ho” enthusuatic group who enjoyed coming to work. It was also infectious as other employees from other departments contacted us about joining our department.

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